We have some great news for you!

SMS and text messaging can serve you and your company! Improve the way you keep in touch with your customers and your team! SMS2Serve allows you to implement great business solutions based on SMS Services.

We are a solutions-oriented company. We always consider how our solutions will work from our customers’ point of view. This helps us provide the best quality solutions.

What is SMS2SERVE?

SMS2SERVE – a reliable, tried and tested telecommunications platform. This software is used for creating commercial and non-commercial information resources based on telecoms services. SMS2Serve is a platform that allows you to improve communication with your customers and your team. It can serve you in three different ways:

1. It is available as a broadcast SMS web service.

Your customers need to:
a. Register
b. Type a text message
c. Enter a number from the phone numbers list
d. Click “Send”


2. It is available as a custom platform for creating powerful services that can:

a. Auto notify your customers about new opportunities and special offers
b. Auto notify your team about up-coming events
c. It can even monetise incoming SMS traffic. Earn money while receiving SMS


3. It is available as a platform that can be elaborated to meet your individual needs.