We have some great news for you!

SMS and text messaging can serve you and your company! Improve the way you keep in touch with your customers and your team! SMS2Serve allows you to implement great business solutions based on SMS Services.

We are a solutions-oriented company. We always consider how our solutions will work from our customers’ point of view. This helps us provide the best quality solutions.


SMS2SERVE technical features:

a. A reliable, tried and tested telecommunications platform
b. Message routing module
c. Multiple interface support
d. Separate message queue per every connector
e. Protocols – SMPP, XML, HTTP, SMTP
f. Available platforms – Java, .NET
g. Supported operating systems – Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS
h. VSME development is made easily
i. Off-the-shelf VSME modules
j. Outstanding system performance
k. Manual SMS sending tool that runs over Windows, Linux and MacOS


SMS2SERVE Technical Features