We have some great news for you!

SMS and text messaging can serve you and your company! Improve the way you keep in touch with your customers and your team! SMS2Serve allows you to implement great business solutions based on SMS Services.

We are a solutions-oriented company. We always consider how our solutions will work from our customers’ point of view. This helps us provide the best quality solutions.


Jerry Coverdale, consultant, UK
I was truly impressed by the SMS2SERVE extraction speed. The team organised an SMS-poll for our client in just several days. It was a pleasure working with EDISON. A choice well made!

Tomas Frobel, Easy SMS Gmbh
While working on a series of contracts dealing with SMS, we contacted several companies worldwide, but none of them were able to offer us such interesting license terms. We needed to sell a platform as if it was our own product. We’re still cooperating with the EDISON team today.

Gennady Krazantsev, “Informatsionniy Terminal”, LLC
We have always been interested in such business on a countrywide scale. The EDISON team created a communications point for us and installed all the necessary software for the creation of a content-provider company. The EDISON guys had already been supporting our services for several years – developing websites. All we had to do was collect our profit.

Petr Krasnov, governmental organisation director
SMS-notification integration appeared to be quite useful for our secure setting. It made our employees’ work easier. Due to multiple bureaucratic processes, our company is sometimes hard to work with. The EDISON team demonstrated a flexible approach, which made things much easier and more convenient.

Mossak Yaron, software developer
I was amazed by the technical characteristics of the SMS2SERVE product. All things announced from the technical point of view were accomplished perfectly. All works are done quickly without delays. I recommend.

Joo, Netherlands
SMS2SERVE is a perfect software product. EDISON are dexterous and talented guys. We’ll keep on working together. Thanks.